Who We Are

About The Good Peach

We love fresh, nutritious fruit! Since 2008 we have been distributing tender fruit (e.g., peaches, pears, plums, grapes, cherries) as well as roses from Palatine Fruit & Roses in Niagara Region. We know our farmers well and admire their best practices of growing fruit without the harmful chemicals conventional fruits today are known to have.

We hope you enjoy the best of the season’s locally grown fruit. Don’t forget to order enough to share with guests, make jam, preserves, or put in the freezer for the long winter!

Our Mission

The mission of The Good Peach is to raise awareness about nutrition and food politics, while actively supporting sustainable farming practices—such as preferring organic sprays, replenishing the soil, and providing fair and healthy working conditions for labourers. We do this by promoting and distributing top-quality fruit from Palatine Fruit & Roses farm in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. We hope to inspire transformation in the food industry.

Our Team

Heather Bugg

Mother of five. Happy successor to the Good Peach from Mary Jane Petter. Excited to meet you every week and see what you've been up to. Introverted community member. I feel extremely blessed to have been in the right place at the right time for this to happen. I have lofty goals of changing the city and making healthy, sustainable food part of the downtown core and look forward to working with community members in order to make that happen. This year I have taken the tale of the Hummingbird and the Forest Fire as my personal path and believe that the small and committed will be the ones who change the world. I can't wait to see you soon!

Email Heather thegoodpeachkw@gmail.com

Rene and Eva Schmitz

Our respected farmers; Rene and Eva came from Switzerland over 20 years ago and started out as dairy farmers in Ontario, running fruit distillery, cider and jam production on the side. Fueled by a fascination with fruit culture and plant propagation, they purchased a home farm in the fruit belt of Niagara in 1997, consisting of 56 acres. Today, they maintain the original 14,000 fruit-bearing trees and have expanded into garden rose production. They actively research and experiment with organic and alternative sprays and soil maintenance techniques. They have established just and respectable working conditions on the farm for their Jamaican workers. These workers are more than just farm hands, they bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge; many returning year after year to Palatine. These workers are valued members of the farm as it's their expertise that is partly responsible for making sure the fruit you taste is the best possible!  We all benefit from each other in a never ending support circle of community. Rene and Eva have become an exceptional example of what a more natural way of farming is possible and sustainable.