Fruity F.A.Q.

What makes your fruit different from the fruit I get at the grocery store?

We obtain our fruit directly from farmers we’ve had a relationship with since 2007. Palatine Fruit & Roses farm has an approach to growing tender fruit that we believe in, and we can eat the fruit without any worries. Reasons their fruit is different include:

  • Their preference for organic sprays over cheaper chemical sprays that (the norm in today’s fruit farming business) is indicative of their integrity to “eat what you farm”
  • Their fair and humane treatment of workers on the farm in a healthier environment
  • Their passion to improve their craft through research and experiment (e.g. trying neem oil instead of pesticides)
  • Fair pricing on their fruit and roses

What area do you serve?

Since 2008 we have been serving the Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph areas.  We have several convenient delivery locations throughout the region.  Please visit the Locations page for a listing of addresses and days of delivery. Click on the address to see a map of that location.

What fruit do you carry?

We carry all tender fruit grown by Palatine: sweet cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, apples, nectarines, and grapes.

Which farms do you get your fruits from?

Only one farm! Our farmers are Rene and Eva Schmitz of Palatine Fruit & Roses farm located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

Is there a subscription cost?

There is no fee to register an account with The Good Peach. We don’t want anything to deter you from supporting Palatine farm!

How do I order fruit?

  1. Register for our newsletter.
  2. Click the link in the newsletter and order!

How do I pay?

Cash on pick-up or through the site. We want to keep the price of the fruit as reasonable as possible. We will pay the farmer on your behalf. The fruit comes from Palatine the morning of the pick-up day, it is that fresh!

How do I support Palatine Fruit & Roses farm through The Good Peach?

The Good Peach has created a direct market from Palatine Fruit and Roses to customers specifically looking for high-quality, low-chemical fruit through the convenience of online ordering.

Eva and Rene (farmers of Palatine) are able to set a fair price for their fruit sold to the direct market customers. This ensures the sustainability of their farm livelihood as well producing enough income to continue purchasing expensive organic, edible and biodegradable sprays.

Do you use my email/contact info for any other purpose?

No, when you register an account with The Good Peach, we will use it strictly to communicate with you regarding events and products of Palatine Fruit & Roses farm.