Sirius Cherries

Hello You!
Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer.  In ancient Egypt, there existed a statue of Isis/Hathor in which the priests had placed a jewel in her forehead. When Sirius aligned with the jewel, the priests would march from the temple and proclaim the new year. Today is that day. Sirius is closest to Earth now and will rise with the sun for a few weeks. The Dog Star brings with it many days of scorching heat and many other things you wouldn't believe are true. It's incredible how something so far away can affect our tiny planet.  It is bigger than our sun and if you find it in the sky, it sparkles like a rainbow. Sirius also means "scorching"; HOW APTLY named it is and how funny the coincidence that this time of the season brings cherries, tiny dark red balls like the sunrise/sunset.

Welcome to the Season of 2018. The strawberries have been exquisite and my berry farmer loves to plant and sell by variety. I will more than likely have more on Friday in Waterloo. Bring cash ($8/quart) as I do not take orders for these. Tiny farm. Young mama picking alone, and so I get what I get, and sell what I can to help them out.  So far we have seen Sable, Wendy, Rubicon, Cavendish and Vee Star. So very different and watching some of you taste test the samples was amusing. You, as I, didn't realize there were such differences. Subtle but noticeable. Same with the cherries. Sandra Rose are firm and juicy. Dark and Rich. Fresh eating. Pie baking. Smoothie blending. Ice Cream Saucing. 

STORE IS OPEN - only until Thursday 9am

Details and Changes for the Season
Pick up for St Agatha remain Tuesday and Friday
Kitchener Tuesday
Waterloo Friday

Prices have changed slightly as Rene & Eva have upped the pay of their workers and so the fruit must reflect that. We're ok with paying people a decent wage and we vote with our dollars. The cherries work out to be $3.25/lb for fruit that is grown sustainably and to organic standards. I saw cherries at Sobey's that were regularly $5.99/lb WHYYYY is Sobey's selling subsidized U.S. cherries during Ontario's season...why!?  *shakes fist* 

I can't wait to hit up the farm and happily sing my way down the highway back to you with a cargo of fruit. How lucky we are to live here. My heart is always full of gratitude for the farmers and for you, who continue to support our small farmers...

Lastly, as the season progresses, I will be updating the website with the varieties of fruit and what they are best used for as requested. I will copy my newsletters on the site because technology sometimes doesn't always send it properly. I hope you find the format a little easier and PLEASE tell me any suggestions. I can't be better if you don't tell me and I never take it personal. 

I look forward to that first cherry and your first pick up of many this season. 
Your fruit girl, heather

Guelph:  I had a few emails from you and am excited to point you to Jackie's new email:
She will be running The Good Peach as Fruition and will sending out newsletters for you Guelph Fruit lovers.
There will be no further fruit news for Guelph from me but I too, will be getting their newsletters and am excited to see where this takes Jackie and her kids. 

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