Peaches and Plums


Kitchener 3:45-6:15pm
St Agatha 4-6pm 

Pick up August 7th

Garnet Beauty Peaches
Shiro Plums

I will be closing the store Monday at noon. Please have your orders in!

Fruit by the pound available as always on Tuesdays. 

We have arrived at the annual summer fruit pause - the week or so of only peaches and plums.  This week is Garnet Beauty & Shiro. Soon the rest...white flesh nectarines and peaches, plums to colour a rainbow, early apples (yummy), and finally seeded grapes. I'm eager for all of them.  I'm wondering about making fruit punch this year. Just a mix-up of all the fruits in the juicer/steamer. 
The tastiness of summer just gets deeper and more flavourful. I for one, can't wait...

I hope everyone is having a nice long weekend.

Bring extra cash on Tuesday. There are beautiful bouquets for purchase by Petal and Sprigs, baked goods, preserves, seasonal kombouchas (bring back your bottles!), soaps and teas all for sale as well.

So  yummy. So beautiful. I'm really loving Tuesdays.

If you have containers, boxes, pint crates etc., please bring them to load up your fruit if you are buying pounds.

The farmers also gladly take their boxes back. 

your fruit girl

STORE IS OPEN until Sunday noon


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