Pause - Deep Breath

Hello Everyone

This weather
The gloom of fall
The days of sun seldom shine
the juxtaposition of the cool grey
and the golden sun
makes us all the more appreciative
of our slow waltz to winter

And so we all slow down and nestle into our routines as fall descends further and thoughts turn from the sunshine in peach to sunshine in pumpkin form. Interesting, isn't it?  We seem to love the sun in all it's bright rotound orange yellow and reds. Soon Christmas with it's lights and orbs on the trees. Endless...

The slow waltz continues on the farm as well. Our farmers take a rest and await the ripening of apples and more grapes. I would super duper love to bring down juice this year. Let's talk in a few weeks, you and I, about meeting on the last of the warm days as we fall into Thanksgiving. My utmost favourite. The REAL spirit of christmas, if you will. 

I have immensely enjoyed the pace of this summer. My orders were smaller but I was grateful for each and everyone one of you who stuck with me this year. Last much happening and so many failures. Ah, we learn...we only grow stronger. It was everything to me to stand there Tuesday and Friday. I loved seeing the kids become more bold over time and ask for fruit or talk to me :) I loved the hugs, the politics, the community of the Tuesday Market and the friday's out at the Fertile Ground Farm. Angie started something really amazing here in KW and I am super happy to still get to be a part of it. I am looking forward to catching up with you in a few weeks and if it so happens to not work out, I look forward to seeing you all again next season. Thank you <3

Much love & warm hugs
your fruit girl

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