No Cherries for Tuesday July 10

Hello You!
I drove to Niagara on Friday. Beautiful day for a drive. Windows down and I was hit in the face by a bug! Never in all my life has that happened. 
It hurt like a slingshot and was closely followed by a dump truck driving by sending a stone crashing into my windshield.
Two hits, I thought, things come in threes, what will be the last hit?

I got that third hit at the farm.

Friday might have been the last run of Palatine Cherries.

For years we have been blessed with the bounty of cherries. So many we could swim in them. This year, Palatine let go of a few rented acres of cherry trees. This year we got hit with severe rains and lost the earliest varieties. This year the later varieties didn't get pollinated as heavily as years previous.  This year, my anger at the flood of subsidized cherries we see from the Asian and US markets was justified a hundred-fold as our fruit farmers have become plagued by yet another imported pest. 

I had many amazing conversations with many of you on Friday. Sharing my shock at the cherry news and anger at the political game food has become. I read "The Collapse of Globalism" by John Ralston Saul when I was 19 and learned about the insanity of the Trade Deals our country was signing. Outrageous is an understatement, and here we are, in 2018, our local fruit markets still flooded with imports weeks before and during our own bounty. These affects have been felt for years, let us not kid ourselves, farming should be one of the most highly regarded careers around; it is what sustains us! So so sick of finding our supermarkets flooded with cheap awful bland sprayed fruit that hits us where we hurt the most - our wallets - causing us constantly to chose between feeding our temples with healthy local foods or save money.  It shouldn't be a sacrifice.  

I will be sending all my prayers and hopes to the farmers in Niagara this year as they battle pests our trade agreements have allowed in. May we see our borders closed to imports during our incredible growing season so that we can heal our soils, our trees, our fruit and our farmers. May they not have to spray everything more than is necessary due to these invasive destructive pests. May we learn from our past mistakes, protect what is ours and prosper as our farmers should.

There is potential for Friday Cherries but no promises. The lead hands at the farm will let Rene & Eva know if the crop of Kordia's can be saved. Regina's are lost. 
You will hear from me on Tueday.
The rest of the fruit is beautiful, protected and lush as always. We may be lucky enough to see apricots on Friday.

your fruit girl


Details and Changes for the Season
Pick up for St Agatha remain Tuesday and Friday
Kitchener Tuesday
Waterloo Friday

Guelph:  I had a few emails from you and am excited to point you to Jackie's new email:
She will be running The Good Peach as Fruition and will sending out newsletters for you Guelph Fruit lovers.
There will be no further fruit news for Guelph from me but I too, will be getting their newsletters and am excited to see where this takes Jackie and her kids. 

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