Grapes! Friday August 7

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Pick up Friday August 7th

PF25 - Flamin' Furies
Freestone Nectarines
Violet Blue Plums (limited)
Fortune Plums
Canadice Grapes

Go slow - so many items - make sure you are the RIGHT LOCATION
Fertile Ground is for CSA members only
St Agatha is PFennings

It is hot outside today. I suggest you get yourself some Canadice grapes to cool down.  These tiny babies are some of my favourites. With SEEDS. We want the seeds. The seeds and skins of the grapes coming are FULL of healthy nutrients and minerals your body is craving now that school is in and life is more demanding on your brain and body. How nice of nature to provide things as we need them, yes? 

The blue plums are NOT the prune plums - yet. They are coming, no worries. These are fresh eating and so delicious cold. These freestone and sweet. My kids' are pumped about the Fortune plums. These make the BEST jam, sorbet, fresh eating, juice, leather....whatever maaaaan. They are sweet like candy and BIG. These aren't your tiny morsels we have been enjoying. We are getting into the palm sized plums now. 

Peaches and nectarines are freestone and darkening like our sunsets now. Full of peach flavour, the PF25 are some favourites for canning. 

There is a HUGE selection of fruit right now and if you are having trouble deciding, I will be there on Tuesday in Kitchener with all of it by the pound as usual, I'm there from 3:45 to 6:15 with everything I can get my hands on and sometimes surprises. Sometimes I get a box of things here and there and only have them by the pound on Tuesdays. So come and visit. Bring a container and try out the fruit without the commitment of the bulk size. 

Honestly, I love this time of year. I love that we get to experience seasons and watch as nature performs the miracle of re-birth. Shedding the things that no longer serve. Leaves have grown and given the tree sustenance, now wilt and provide for the soil below. I find much inspiration in the autumn and winter. The long dark days are hard for many of us, myself included, and I long for spring and summer. Autumn and winter offer us things the fast paced days of warm weather cannot. We slow ourselves and hopefully spend time looking over the last year of growth, like the trees above us, to see what has served us and what has not. As we hear feel and smell the leaves under our feet, try to be mindful of your own shedding during this upcoming season. Make room for new leaves, branches and, hopefully, when spring comes again, there will be much more room for birds to sing.

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