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St Agatha
Fertile Ground Farm (CSA Members Only)

Early Golden Plums
Peaches - added soon 

Were you lucky enough to get the first round of apricots? I have to say all the sadness that I felt over the cherries was filled by the joy I had in picking up those apricots. Blushing so hard. So RED! People thought they were peaches.
I looked at the apricots the "gross-ery" stores sold all year. So green. So pale. So sad. I honestly felt sorry for the fruit, riped from the trees before they had a chance to fully develop and bask in the sunshine. Forced to ripen with various gases and left to sit under harsh lights, asking you to take them home.  I wanted to hug them and tell them I was sorry for the state of our highly destructive large-scale agricultural practices. It wasn't their fault. It was our collective one.

Here they are in season. Rene & his field workers know when to pick through years of experience. May I say that knowing when to pick apricots is what makes them the little fruits of divinity we have come to know and love. 
Early Golden Plums have finally joined us as well. These early plums are an interesting fruit I am coming to see. So tart and firm and yellow.  Early goldens will blush if you leave them too long, turn sweeter and softer; asking you to pick them up and love them as you would the apricots. I'm wondering if they are onto us, those who prefer the soft tender flavours of the apricots, nectarines and peaches. I've said it before and I will say it aways, fruit is alive and it wants you to eat it.

Peaches - Clingstone
We will be seeing the first of the peaches this Friday. I'm not putting them on the order form just yet. I am not certain if they will be offered bulk or by the pound.

Speaking of "by the pound" I'm listing a new feature for all of you IN WATERLOO  who want the fruit but not the bulk. Now you can order fruit by the pound. Bring your own container at pick up, weigh it and go. Asking the farm to parcel out small quantities adds cost and time. I'd rather save you money.
Fruit by the pound only available in Waterloo. Pfennings sells our fruit by the pound in the store. Fertile Ground CSA has Jack & Pippi there as always with fruit/pound.



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