The Good Peach

  • Pause - Deep Breath

    Hello EveryoneThis weatherThe gloom of fallThe days of sun seldom shinethe juxtaposition of the cool greyand the golden sunmakes us all the more appreciativeof our slow waltz to winterAnd so we all slow down and nestle into our routines as fall descends further and thoughts turn from the sunshine in peach to sunshine in pumpkin form. Interesting, isn't it?  We seem to love the sun in all it's bright rotound orange yellow and reds. Soon Christmas with it's lights and orbs on the trees. Endless...The slow waltz continues on the farm as well. Our farmers take a rest and await the...

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  • Grapes! Friday August 7

    Hello Everyone Pick up Friday August 7th PF25 - Flamin' FuriesFreestone NectarinesViolet Blue Plums (limited)Fortune PlumsCanadice GrapesGo slow - so many items - make sure you are the RIGHT LOCATIONFertile Ground is for CSA members onlySt Agatha is PFenningsIt is hot outside today. I suggest you get yourself some Canadice grapes to cool down.  These tiny babies are some of my favourites. With SEEDS. We want the seeds. The seeds and skins of the grapes coming are FULL of healthy nutrients and minerals your body is craving now that school is in and life is more demanding on your brain...

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  • Peaches and Plums

    HelloTwo LOCATIONSKitchener 3:45-6:15pmSt Agatha 4-6pm Pick up August 7thGarnet Beauty PeachesShiro PlumsI will be closing the store Monday at noon. Please have your orders in!Fruit by the pound available as always on Tuesdays. We have arrived at the annual summer fruit pause - the week or so of only peaches and plums.  This week is Garnet Beauty & Shiro. Soon the rest...white flesh nectarines and peaches, plums to colour a rainbow, early apples (yummy), and finally seeded grapes. I'm eager for all of them.  I'm wondering about making fruit punch this year. Just a mix-up of all the fruits in the juicer/steamer. The tastiness of summer just gets deeper...

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  • Peaches Plums and Apricots

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    Hello You!Two LOCATIONSWaterloo 4-6pmSt Agatha 4-8pm Fertile Ground CSA (members only) 3:30 - 6pmPick up July 27thClingstone PeachesApricotsEarly Golden PlumsI have 10 boxes of early Japanese plums call Ohishi. They are like Early Golden plums but sweeter. Email me if you'd like some of these. I will have them for sale byIf you have containers, boxes, pint crates etc., please bring them to load up your fruit if you are buying pounds.The farmers also gladly take their boxes back. Namasteyour fruit girl STORE IS OPEN     Details and Changes for the SeasonPick up for St Agatha remain Tuesday and FridayKitchener TuesdayWaterloo Friday

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  • Apricots - Plums - Peaches OOHHH MY

    Hello You!THREE LOCATIONSSt AgathaWaterlooFertile Ground Farm (CSA Members Only)ApricotsEarly Golden PlumsPeaches - added soon Were you lucky enough to get the first round of apricots? I have to say all the sadness that I felt over the cherries was filled by the joy I had in picking up those apricots. Blushing so hard. So RED! People thought they were peaches.I looked at the apricots the "gross-ery" stores sold all year. So green. So pale. So sad. I honestly felt sorry for the fruit, riped from the trees before they had a chance to fully develop and bask in the sunshine. Forced to...

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  • Apricots are Starting...

    Hello You!TWO LOCATIONSST AGATHAKITCHENERHalf boxes of apricots are available in limited supply for Tuesday. I am hoping to up the quantity by tonight. I'll send another email if that is the case.These apricots are the first of the Palatine Season. Always picked at the height of ripeness. It makes a difference in flavour and texture. This is the difference in expertise of that Palatine brings to you. This is what makes us all fruit snobs :)These apricots blush so hard. They know you've been waiting for them to appear. They're so humble; blushing at the fact that they look like...

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