Currently Available Fruit

Currently Available Fruit

Ordering for Friday is open until Wednesday midnight .

Mini blog post about cherry picking if you’re curious

Apricots — this is the end, beautiful friend

The end of the season. Very limited.

Full Box – 20 pounds – $60.00
Half Box – 10 pounds – $32.00


Garnet Beauty Peaches

So, a little backstory; these were found in Ontario as something called a “spot variety” and they became the Garnet Beauty, named after Garnet Bruner. Semi-freestone as it becomes less clingy as it ripens.   Peaches are the sun in tree form.

Full Box – 20 pounds – $40.00
Half Box – 10 pounds – $20.00

Regina Cherries

I ordered a box just to put in the freezer. The kids say they’re still frosty at first break. Melty little popsicles in concentrated cherry slush.

Full Box – 20 pounds – $60.00
Half Box – 10 pounds – $32.00

Early Golden Plums

Tarty sweet. Easy to eat. Perfect for snacking. Delicious preserves.

Full Box – 25 pounds – $50.00
Half Box – 12/13 pounds – $25.00
3L Basket – $10.00

Rose Bouquet   $20

These aren’t your corner store bouquets.  A dozen stems. Thorns included.  Local grown.  Bonus feature, keep dropped petals in some spring water over night. Strain and use in the morning as a toner. Alternatively, dry and use as flavouring.

Antique Rose sample
Hybrid Tea Rose