Currently Available Fruit

Currently Available Fruit

There will be no pick up for Tuesday October 11th but we’ll be back with some pretty juicy stuff soon.

Cortland Apples

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Snuggley sweaters, blankets and warm slices of apple pie

Full Box – 25 lbs – $35
Half Box – 12/13 lbs – $17

White, Pink and Blue Table Grapes

Rene and his sweet tooth have been test tasting these for a while now.  They are now “perf” as Barbie likes to say…

3L – $6.00

Blue Plums – Verity and Italian Prune

Eat them. Juice them.
Blender up and leather them.
Can them as a butter.
Can them as a jam.

Full Box – $50
Half Box – $25


Kennebec (good for chips) and Yukon Gold

3L – $6.00