Currently Available Fruit

Currently Available Fruit

Ordering for Tuesday August 30th is open until Sunday August 28th 9pm .


PF24 Peaches

They call them “Flamin’ Fury” for a reason; they’re lit. ūüėČ

Full Box Р25 lbs Р$40
Half Box Р12/13 lbs Р$20

 Early Italian Plums

Little Blue doses of delicious. Fits in your hand for a perfect snack.

Full Box Р25 lbs Р$50.00
Half Box Р12/13 lbs Р$25.00

 Rose Bouquet   $20

These aren’t your corner store bouquets. ¬†A dozen stems. Thorns included. ¬†Locally grown.
A very simple and beautiful way to keep the roses around after their petals was written about over at Little City Farm!
Looks so pretty and the scent must be amazing!

Antique Rose
Hybrid Tea Rose