Currently Available Fruit

Currently Available Fruit


These are pretty things. Delicious leather, juice, jam, oatmeal bars, butter…so much you can do with these sweet juicy babies.

Full Box – 25 lbs – $40
Half Box – 12/13 lbs – $20

Muscat (green) and Blue Table Grapes

Rene and his sweet tooth have been test tasting these for a while now.  They are now “perf” as Barbie likes to say…

3L – $6.00

Blue Plums – Blue Jack (Rene’s own) and Italian Prune

Eat them. Juice them.
Blender up and leather them.
Can them as a butter.
Can them as a jam.

Full Box – $50
Half Box – $25

Rose Bouquet   $20

Get some before the harsh cold frost does. Thorns included.  Locally grown.
A very simple and beautiful way to keep the roses around after their petals was written about over at Little City Farm!

Antique Rose
Hybrid Tea Rose